We aim to be a leader of the Smart Living transformation with innovative Ventures in the areas of Smart Cities, Smart Energy and Smart Business. Our skilled team of Venture Developers match local needs with global innovation to ensure that we play a major role in the innovation journey of the Middle East.

How we develop ventures

Case Studies

Infrastructure-based smart city services

innogy IME developed a ground-breaking concept to enable Smart City transformation. Manarati provides unique connectivity and infrastructre-based smart services to the region. Combining features in Green Mobility, Connectivity, Information Services, Energy Efficiency and Security, Manarati is designed to enhance the quality of life and enrich the happiness of Smart City inhabitants.

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Customer Engagement Platform

innogy IME invested into Advizzo - a startup based in London which developed a leading platform for Customer Engagement based on Machine Learning and Behavioural Science. With the innovative insights and unique approach of the Advizzo platform, utility companies are able to better interact with their customers, improving happiness, loyalty and energy savings. innogy IME is currently implementing this innovative engagement platform for a leading Middle East energy company.

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We R&D

innogy IME has an exclusive partnership with Motius, an innovative R&D company from Germany to offer R&D services in the Middle East. Motius breaks with the traditional model of R&D and offers its customers innovative, interdisciplinary R&D services through their talent pool of academic researchers, young engineers and elite senior students. Credentials include leading companies like Google, BMW, Audi, Daimler, Bosch, Lufthansa, Siemens, Microsoft.

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Bringing energy bills down to zero

innogy IME invested into VERV - a leading tech startup with the mission to bring energy bills down to zero.

VERV uses their own hardware in combination with patented AI and blockchain technology to enable realtime recognition of appliances, peer-2-peer energy trading and monetization of your energy data.

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