Mobile Workforce Management

Digitalization is a major transformative force in the energy world

Digitalization is a major global trend that is changing our environment and needs, providing the chance to transform our way of working, as well as the tools we use. This has several major implications for energy companies and provides opportunities for new business models, as well as an increase of efficiency.


Digitalization of operations is transforming the energy sector and innogy is a frontrunner in Workforce Management since 2008. We have deep process expertise in grid operations and metering, as well as technical know-how for IT solutions having most recently transformed Mobile WfM into 2nd generation with more than 2,500 users.


To support Dubai’s vision to become a fully digitalized city, the client launched a Mobile Workforce Project to transform an integral part of its business. The objective was to digitalize the field force processes to enable completely paperless operations, supported by mobile devices for all teams.


innogy deployed an optimal team of seasoned consultants and Subject Matter experts covering the full spectrum of topics and bringing our world-leading “2nd Generation WfM Germany” team. We mapped over 120 field force processes and delivered a blueprint detailing a final recommendation on the best way forward to implement the desired digitalization, with best value for money.

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