Feasibility study for a PV park

Enhancing sustainability and clean energy penetration in the heavy industry

The industrial sector is beginning a transformation to align itself with the clean and sustainable vision of the Emirate of Dubai. As a life line of the industry and a major contributor to carbon foot print, energy is a leading priority to decarbonize.


A major industrial client in Dubai engaged our expertise to perform a feasibility study for optimal development of a solar PV park on its premises. Our unique ability to combine technical and consulting expertise ensured optimal solution to maximize available space utilization. We explored best positioning of ground mounted and roof-top panels taking into consideration the load constraints and under-and-over ground lines at site. All technical solutions were validated and fine-tuned to unsure best possible Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) results closely trailing the then-record- braking DEWA Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park Phase II LCOE of 56 USD/MWh.


The result of the study presented  three various solutions for the client to choose from, based on site utilization priorities and PV park scale preference. We provided exceptional value to the client by bringing our modelling expertise to the client engineers over a 3 day hands-on workshop on developing the PV park.

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