Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030

Leading Dubai to Green Economy & Sustainability

The Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 (DIES) sets the strategic direction of the Emirate towards securing sustainable energy supply and enhancing demand efficiency (power and water). The DIES 2030 was deployed in 2011 and, following significant global and local developments, in 2015 innogy was awarded with revision of the strategy and implementation study for the goal to achieve 75% of clean energy by 2050.


The revision encompassed the development of a fundamentally new clean energy mix and e-mobility program, review of the Demand Side Management Strategy (DSM), and a holistic assessment and consolidation of all programs, implementation roadmaps and performance management systems.


Crucial part of the project constituted developing an Integrated Energy model for Dubai, Based on the deep understanding of the global and local energy industry and market, we developed a proprietary Integrated Energy model for Dubai, to set an ambitious target of 25% Clean Energy by 2030 and further integrate the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 targets of 75% Clean Energy by 2050. Our team applied scenario based modelling, evaluated growth rates, technology options, investment cost, and worked closely with stakeholders to ensure sustainable, secure and affordable energy under varying conditions, while meeting all relevant constraints.


Our strategic thinking, combined with hands-on practical approach, resulted in our DSM Strategy review recommendations being implemented. We were tasked with  setting up  a DSM Agency from the ground-up to manage the implementation of the Strategy and creating a subsidiary for a stakeholder to spearhead a newly integrated Program.


The revision of the Strategy ensures the ambitious vision of Dubai has a clear path to success and a robust framework for execution.

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